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Maximize Jobsite Visibility with Hi Vis Work Shirts
Ensuring worker visibility is crucial for hazardous jobsites. High visibility work shirts, or hi vis shirts, optimize visibility and safety for outdoor vocations. With reflective striping and adjustable fits, hi vis work shirts are essential gear for road crews, construction, landscaping, and utilities.

Achieve Optimal 360-Degree Visibility
A key feature of hi vis work shirts is the 360-degree reflective striping that meets visibility standards. Retroreflective stripes reflect light back, making personnel visible from all directions, even in low light. When illuminated by lights, the reflective materials shine brightly so approaching workers or traffic can see the wearer.

Choose the Right ANSI Class
Hi vis work shirts have ANSI Class 2 or Class 3 ratings based on the level of reflectivity. Class 3 offers maximum reflectivity, ideal for road construction, forestry, and other highly hazardous environments. Class 2 provides prominent visibility for moderate risk areas. Selecting the right class optimizes safety.

Utilize Lightweight, Breathable Fabrics
Quality hi vis work shirts use lightweight, breathable technical fabrics to keep workers comfortable and focused. Polyester meshes allow cooling airflow while wicking moisture. Stretchable elasticized fabrics allow full mobility. Reinforced seams withstand jobsite hazards and frequent laundering.

Customize Shirts for Brand Unity
Customizing hi vis work shirts with company logos and colors promotes unity while enhancing visibility. Adjustable sizing provides an ideal fit for all body types too. The ability to customize boosts morale while meeting safety needs.

Hi Vis Work Shirts: Optimal Visibility Fuses with Jobsite Performance
With ANSI-rated 360-degree reflectivity, breathable technical fabrics, and customization, hi vis work shirts combine optimal visibility with workplace performance. Following ANSI standards ensures reliable visibility. Choosing Class 3 shirts offers maximum coverage where hazards exist. Staying cool and focused enables peak worker productivity. That’s why premium hi vis work shirts use moisture-wicking performance fabrics to withstand job conditions. With the right gear, crews can navigate work zones safely.