Maximize Jobsite Safety with Class 3 Safety Shirts

Ensuring worker visibility is crucial for hazardous jobsite conditions. Class 3 safety shirts offer maximum reflectivity and coverage to optimize safety in high-risk environments. With durable fabrics and adjustable fits, Class 3 shirts are essential gear for road construction, utilities, landscaping, and other outdoor vocations.

Achieve Optimal Visibility

Class 3 safety shirts are designed to provide optimal 360-degree visibility even in low light. Retroreflective striping reflects light back to the source, making personnel clearly visible to oncoming traffic from all angles. The fluorescent background fabrics and trim provide visibility at long distances as well. Whether illuminated by headlights, flashlights, or overhead lighting, Class 3 shirts shine brightly.

Meet Stringent ANSI Standards

Class 3 safety shirts meet ANSI 107 standards to provide the highest level of visibility. To qualify as Class 3, background fabric coverage must be at least 155 square inches. Combined coverage including background fabric, reflective striping, and trim must total at least 201 square inches. Meeting these stringent requirements makes Class 3 shirts ideal for hazardous environments.

Choose Durable, Breathable Technical Fabrics

Premium Class 3 safety shirts utilize durable yet comfortable technical fabrics. Breathable polyester meshes allow cooling airflow. Stretchable fabrics allow full range of motion. triple-stitched seams and reinforced elbows hold up against snags and abrasions. These features minimize distractions to keep workers focused on the task.

Customize Shirts for Unique Branding

Adding company colors, logos, and insignia to Class 3 safety shirts promotes team unity while enhancing visibility. Including recognizable branding helps identify crew members in fast-paced environments. Adjustable fits accommodate all body types. The ability to customize shirts boosts morale while meeting safety needs.

Class 3 Safety Shirts: Maximum Visibility Meets Heavy-Duty Performance

With ANSI-rated reflectivity, durable technical fabrics, and customization options, Class 3 safety shirts fuse optimal visibility with rugged durability. Following stringent ANSI 107 Class 3 standards ensures reliable 360-degree visibility is achieved. The expansive coverage and reflectivity help workers remain seen by all approaching vehicles or equipment. Staying cool and focused also enables peak performance. That’s why premium Class 3 shirts utilize breathable, snag-resistant materials to withstand harsh conditions. When you need maximum visibility without sacrificing mobility, Class 3 high-visibility shirts deliver.