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Choose Top Safety & Visibility with Hi Vis Canadian Products

For hazardous Canadian work environments with poor visibility, Hi Vis Canadian products allow you to combine maximum safety and style. Our Canadian hi vis lines feature reflective 360-degree striping for unmatched visibility from all angles.

Why Choose Hi Vis Canadian Products

Hi Vis Canadian products meet crucial Class 2 or 3 CSA safety standards, guaranteeing teams stay visible. The extensive Canadian-grade reflective detailing also provides superior visibility while quality materials deliver all-day comfort.

Key Features of Our Hi Vis Canadian Lines

Our Hi Vis Canadian products offer:

  • Durable, flexible fabrics tested for Canadian conditions
  • Vibrant color options optimized for high visibility
  • Custom Canadian branding like logos and unique designs
  • 360-degree CSA-grade reflective striping
  • Sizes meeting Canadian specifications for optimal coverage

Custom-Tailored Canadian Safety Wear

We offer extensive customization on our Hi Vis Canadian lines to suit your specific Canadian business needs. We customize designs, sizes, logos and more to deliver high-performing safety wear that protects your workforce in Canadian environments.

Choosing the Best Hi Vis Canadian Products

When selecting Hi Vis Canadian products, prioritize CSA certifications and grade reflective visibility critical for Canadian job sites. Look for quality fabrics engineered for Canadian conditions.


With CSA-grade safety standards and customization, our Hi Vis Canadian products effortlessly fuse workplace visibility, certification and comfort for hazardous Canadian conditions.